Episode 010: Olympic Edition: Ranting about Parity

In this episode I put on my ranting pants and talk about the red herring of parity in Olympic hockey, and also mention TJ Oshie, Carey Price, Ted Nolan and First Nations representation.


2 thoughts on “Episode 010: Olympic Edition: Ranting about Parity

  1. I think it would be great if women’s hockey finally got an established league but, as it is often mentioned, the support (corporate sponsorship and fan base-wise) is sorely lacking. A huge difference that I noticed during the discussions of the teams – especially during the men’s hockey match between Canada and Latvia – was the emphasis placed on the “numbers”, or the net worth of all the professional players on the Canadian team vs. that of Latvia (It was quite the substantial number). The women’s teams are often compared by their levels of experience and whether or not it will be the number of fresh players or the veterans that will tip the scales toward victory.
    It’s always a difficult discussion around which sports to include/remove from the Olympics. In an ideal world, every sport would compete and I think that each one would have an audience 🙂 I don’t know if it would be realistic, feasible, or fair to have a rotation of sports. I really do hope they bring wrestling back…

    If you are feeling like listening to a charged olympic themed rant, check out Sid Seixeiro’s rant about the Olympic Ice Dancing scandal: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/02/18/sid-seixeiro-tessa-virtue-scott-moir-video_n_4809116.html

    Great post!
    ps. Why am I not surprised you employ sticky notes for your podcasts as well 😛

    • A rotation of sports is a super-interesting proposition! I wonder if it could work logistically.

      Also comparing the numbers of NHLers on each team, it also shows how each team has a pool of players who do regularly compete at the same level – and dedicated only to hockey. But women’s hockey, there are women with day jobs and other things that make the difference of funding and training time very obvious.

      Also this rant is hilariously passionate!

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