Episode 011: Olympics Edition Number Three

In this episode I wrap up some thoughts on the Olympics, including the experience of having to miss games and watch them after the fact, and the benefits of visibility and name recognition.


2 thoughts on “Episode 011: Olympics Edition Number Three

  1. Do all of the Canadian players come from the NHL or affiliated leagues? (Marlies, Frontenacs, etc). Do they try out in the same way for international competitions? How do the teams come together? I just imagine each country just sort of plucking out their countrymen that play in the NHL and find filler for the rest – I really have no idea!

    I don’t see it happen as often anymore (mostly because you can find classic games of anything on youtube these days) but the re-broadcasting of what are considered “classic games” is a treat. It’s fun to reflect on nail biting moments, awesome goals and beautiful plays.

  2. It’s basically plucking players from the NHL and where necessary from other leagues. For Canada and the US, all of their best players are current NHL players, so they make up the entire roster. For other countries, either they don’t have very many players in the NHL or some of their best players are in other leagues, such as the KHL.

    For Canada and the US, there is a selection/orientation camp in the summer that players are invited to. And while that’s a good sign, not all players who are invited are chosen, and some may be chosen who weren’t even invited to camp (like Jamie Benn). The national team managers definitely scout the NHL and in Europe other leagues.

    I’m not really sure how other nations specifically do the selection process though.

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