Episode 017: Wakey Wakey


In this episode I talk about the hullabaloo surrounding Brent Seabrook’s hit on David Backes and the “Wakey Wakey” comment, as well as Person of Interest and reconciling oneself to watching people injure each other.


2 thoughts on “Episode 017: Wakey Wakey

  1. I think the good guy with a dark, dark past you are referencing is Batman!! He never kills, only maims…
    You separate yourself from the violence on the ice, and we are so removed from the atmosphere. It can get a bit nerve wracking being in the actual rink/stadium when things get heated and fans start to encourage and press for more fistfights, etc. Viewers watching through a tv might think “Oh, well, I’m just watching the game, it’s entertainment! The injuries and the fights are just there – a side effect of frustration/tension – no big deal, they’re probably all buddies off the ice”, which obviously is not entirely true in some cases.
    The press conferences where the player apologizes are difficult to believe, which is too bad when someone is actually trying to be sincere.
    Talking to UFC/Boxing fans and why they enjoy watching a sport where the main goal is to gain a TKO…that’s a hard comparison…I will think on that and get back to you…

    • That’s a really interesting point about the effect that fans can have on the atmosphere in the arena and therefore the action in the game, that is different from the ones watching behind the tv. It’s another layer of the conundrum I think.

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